One-On-One Sessions

“There is another world and it’s in this one,” wrote the French poet Paul Elouard. Mindfulness is a way to access that other world. A world within us, waiting to be discovered and reinvented. A world where it is possible to live with more respect, kindness and compassion towards oneself and others.

Individual sessions are organized around the interests and needs of each person. There is no pre-established content to be covered in each session; rather, the contents are co-created as the session progresses. Sometimes an issue can be addressed in a single session and other times the same issue is explored in multiple sessions. Meetings are usually held once per week or once every two weeks; they may be face-to-face or via Skype, Zoom or Face Time. The key in all cases is to use the practice of mindfulness to cultivate the ability to respond, rather than react, to our immediate experience.

Who can benefit from individual sessions?

  • People with no previous experience in meditation and who would like to learn to meditate.
  • People that do have experience, but who would like to deepen their practice and knowledge of mindfulness.
  • People interested in applying the perspective of mindfulness to address physical, medical or psychological conditions. (These people are usually referred by health professionals.)
  • People interested in using specific mindfulness practices (e.g. mindfulness-based communication, mindfulness leadership) in their workplaces.
  • People interested in receiving training, guidance or support to integrate mindfulness into their professional activity (health professionals who want to incorporate or deepen mindfulness practices in their work with patients).

Very important: for individual sessions to be beneficial, developing and maintaining a meditation practice on a regular basis is indispensable.

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